Time and attendance tracking is one of the operations done by businesses today. It may seem tiresome, but time management is essential in an organization as it help to determine employee payment, benefits and influences decision making.

With the right time and attendance software, crucial functions will be streamlined and automated to allow for easier access .In addition , an updated time and attendance system motivates the HR and other internal teams to work and run things effectively.

Below are some key features you should consider in a time and attendance system:

  • Attendance management: It enables clocking in and out thus enabling attendance be automatically recorded and tracked. You may prefer to use a biometric time clock, which help prevent cases of employee lateness and absenteeism.
  • Time management: Time and attendance system helps track how much time is spent at work, time spent on specific projects, and overtime. Companies can use GPS tracking for this purpose.
  • Absence and leave management: This feature allows employees access key tools to manage their vacations, holidays, time off requests, and track absent workers. They are also able to track their leaves and monitor benefits.
  • Employee management: This feature enables compiling of employees database and storing them in one place. Self-service and mobile capabilities boost accessibility which allows access of information by all members in an organization.
  • Scheduling: Scheduling helps streamline the process of schedule creation, where the time and attendance system allows employees make request and be notified of any changes.
  • Employee communication: It has features that help in keeping employee informed and in contact with the management and coworkers. It includes other features such as instant messaging, alerts and performance management.
  • Integration: Time and attendance system integrate with other human resource solutions such as payroll and accounting software, enterprise resource planning, data API and HCM.
  • Business reporting: This function compiles employee attendance data, analyze findings and create comprehensive report. It also helps in providing report on performance management.


Time and attendance help streamline functions performed by businesses today. It incorporates features such as integration, scheduling, reporting, attendance and time management. More of this information is illustrated on TOZZA PLUS time and attendance system.