Integrating your time and attendance system with your payroll software has a major impact on your company’s budget and employee management. When you rely on manual processes, chances of potential errors and inaccuracies are quite high.

Electronic time and attendance software helps in managing employees work hours .Managers can analyze data in real time and approve employee time so that payroll processing can be efficient and accurate.

Below are some of the benefits of integrating payroll with an electronic time and attendance system:

  • Managing of an effective workforce: Managers can match schedules with workload plans. This helps the managers to pay employees efficiently after they have finished the work.
  • Ensures less paperwork: With reliable payroll software, there will be no need to print paper time sheet and no manual entry of details into the payroll software.
  • Protection against incidences of non-compliance:  This software protects your company against claims of non- compliance with hours and wage laws. It ensures compliance by allowing managers to set notifications so that they can be alerted when there is a schedule conflict. This provides accuracy when payroll is being processed.
  • Relieving HR staff from different tasks: When there are accurate time and attendance record, the managers and HR employees are relieved from slow managerial tasks. Details from tax procedures, employee reviews, and benefits data only require to be entered once into a single system.
  • Reduces errors: Integrating payroll with a reliable system help reduce chances of unnecessary errors which may occur when entering data.
  • Saves on time: The integration of payroll and time and attendance systems significantly reduce time taken to transfer data into a separate software system manually.


The power of integration gives managers a vital insight into the business. The benefits of integrating payroll with time and attendance systems include managing an effective workforce, ensuring less paperwork, protection against claims of non- compliance, reducing minor errors, relieving managers some administrative roles and saving time.