Communication plays a vital role to every business today. It is the art of passing information from one person to another or from one department to the other. Communication can be done in different forms from horizontal, vertical, formal and informal.

Employers who invest time and energy into clear communication often build trust among employees which leads to increased output, productivity and morale. In addition, employees who communicate   well with the customers and colleagues are viewed as important assets to an organization.

Below are some benefits of effective communication to any business:

  • Team building: Team work is the result of effective communication and collaboration with each other. Businesses should implement effective communication strategies to boost communication among employees.
  • Increases innovation: Businesses should ensure that employees have a conducive environment where they can openly communicate ideas without fear. An organization which encourages communication is more likely to be motivated and innovative.
  • Builds peoples attitude: Communication helps employees maintain a positive attitude as they become well informed and perform their duties in their right manner.
  • Helps in management: With effective communication, the management can understand the issue affecting employees and employees are also able to understand the policies of the organization.
  • Promotes motivation: This happens when there is a clear communication to your employees about their tasks, how they are expected to deliver, and how to improve their performance.
  • It increases loyalty: When there is a good line of communication across the management of an organization, employees tend to be comfortable discussing any issues. As a result, they become more loyal to the organization.
  • It enhances skills: Good communication helps managers to identify hidden talents in the organization and tap into their skills.


It is important to understand how valuable, effective communication is and the impacts it has on any organization. Some of its benefits include , facilitating team building, improving peoples attitude, increasing innovation, helping in management, enhancing motivation, increasing loyalty and nurturing hidden talents.