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According to a 2016 FinAccess Household Survey by FSD Kenya, 95% of Business people make their transactions in cash while a similar percentage of casual labourers receive payments in cash thus denying them access to any form of formal financial service.

We are changing this!

TozzaPlus Payouts provides a tool to these businesses to digitize their payments to employees and suppliers. Using TozzaPlus payouts, one can make Payments without daily limits in single or bulk to mobile wallets & bank accounts, with instant delivery, 24 hours a day. Since the system is fully integrated, one is able to keep track of expenditure against GL categories, branches, jobs or projects and view data in tables & graphs into the accounting system (TozzaPlus Accounts).

TozzaPlus Payroll is integrated to our payouts and in additional to traditional payroll features (payslips, statutory reports-NHIF,NSSF,PAYEE, reports) our platform offers automatic payments to employees Mobile wallets and bank accounts.

We are seeking to raise USD 6,000 (Approximately Ksh. 600,000). We plan to use this money specifically in the further development and enhancement of our product. We already have a working product and we have just concluded our beta testing (10/1/2018). A better chunk of the money will be used in the enhancement of our bank integration module and mobile wallets integration. We also intend to use the money in following up and creating new partnerships with banks, telco’s and accounting firms

Kindly support us by contributing and join us in helping casual labourers have financial inclusion.

How to Contribute

Via MPesa:

  1. Open MPesa on your phone and go to Lipa na M-PESA
  2. Click on Pay Bill and enter Paybill 961700
  3. Enter Account No. 12113
  4. Enter the amount you'd like to contribute
  5. Enter your PIN and verify the transaction


Through our ambassadors:

You can contribute in cash to any of our ambassadors. We do appreciate any amount you give for the TozzaPlus crowdfunding campaign

You can also bring your contribution to our offices at Astrol Petroleum Business Center Thika Superhighway, Block C, Unit 1,Opp Garden City Mall. We sure would love to have you for a cup of coffee. 😊

Our Ambassadors

  1. Paul Kimani - Chairman/Initiator (0720 057303)
  2. Jackson Kungu - Lead Ambassador (0723 870768)
  3. Margaret Wangu - Lead Ambassador (0704 359535)
  4. James Thiru - Ambassador (0714 876995)
  5. Solomon Komen - Ambassador (0728 418165)
  6. David Maina - Ambassador (0719 666397)
  7. Jogli Kibii - Ambassador (0729 553498)
  8. Benzer Bett - Ambassador (0712 557517)
  9. Daniel Wandarua - Ambassador (0705 798062)
  10. Kering Kipng'eno - Ambassador (0735 964680)

Our Gifts of Gratitude

Thank you already! 😊 Thank you for your interest in our campaign and we are truly grateful for each and every contribution you have made for us to achieve our goal.

This is nowhere near enough, but here are a few gifts we have prepared for you according to your contributions:

  1. Below Ksh. 1,000 - Credits (your names will appear in a special credits section on a page on our website)
  2. Ksh. 1,001 to Ksh. 5,000 - Credits and a shopping bag that is branded
  3. Ksh. 5,001 to Ksh. 10,000 - Credits, T-shirts and a Mug
  4. Ksh. 10,001 to Ksh. 20,000 - Credits, Laptop bag, T-shirts, and a TozzaPlus premium package (3 month package)
  5. Above Ksh. 20,000 - All the above gifts plus 1 year TozzaPlus Premium subscription

We have a grand gift for one individual who contributes the highest amount: ✨ a holiday package for a day to a resort in Naivasha! πŸŽ‰ Everyone deserves a little break, right?

The credits mentioned here are only acknoledgements on the website and a thank you message. Other terms & conditions apply.

Experience TozzaPlus now.

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