HR automation is the method used by most businesses to ensure efficiency of the HR department by freeing workers from tedious manual tasks to allow them focus on critical tasks. By automating the HR processes, an organization can reduce the time and cost spent on manual HR processing.

Some of the benefits associated with HR process automation include improved productivity, enhanced organization growth, reduced employee turnover, minimal compliance risks, more time to analyze HR data and reduced paperwork in an organization.

Here are some HR processes that need to be automated:

  • Employee on-boarding: The on-boarding process can be reduced to a few hour tasks through automation by using an employee app which helps to collect employee’s documents electronically rather than doing it manually.
  • Employee personal data: HR automation allows the management to manage employee’s personal information and avoid data loss and errors as it is the case with manual entry.
  • Time-sheet tracking: Automated time sheets remove the need for manual tracking and increases efficiency. It also eliminates the hassle associated with updating employee’s manually. Employees can track their activities from any location.
  • Performance Appraisal: With an Automated HR process, managers can use performance metrics to determine whether the targets are met.
  • Payroll: HR automation helps to streamline data protection and make it easy for the payroll managers to process the payments thus ensuring security of data.
  • Tracking Rewards and Benefits: Employees are able to track their rewards with a mobile app and also through a self-service portal which allows them to access their remuneration information.
  • Leave request: Automation of leave request can help secure approval faster and also allowing employees leave records to be updated instantly.


HR automation is an essential part of any business transition today. Some of the HR processes that require automation include employee on-boarding, employee personal data, time-sheet tracking, performance appraisal, payroll, tracking rewards and benefits and leave request.