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TozzaPlus Payouts

Simple, convenient cash handling & transfers

Pay your employees 2 to 3 times faster than the traditional methods.

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Simple, convenient & secure way to pay your employees

TozzaPlus also lets you handle your cash easily. With TozzaPlus Payouts, you can disburse funds to multiple recipients/beneficiaries, such as your employees, with the ease of a button-click.
Funds from your sales/services in TozzaPlus Accounts can be easily withdrawn via TozzaPlus Payouts to mobile wallets or bank accounts, repurposed in TozzaPlus Payroll or spent within TozzaPlus on our amazing features. TozzaPlus Payouts is faster, convenient and secure.


Payroll Disbursement

TozzaPlus Payouts allows you to disperse your payroll directly to your employees’ mobile wallets or bank accounts without uploading text files containing payout instructions to a bank’s system which is prone to human error and fraud.
Our Payout system is linked directly with our payroll thus ensuring you pay the right people the accurate amount. Employees will receive their pay conveniently on their Mpesa accounts or bank accounts.
Payout instructions are sent through an encrypted APIs and the disbursement happens instantly and you can guarantee that each employee receives accurate pay


Salary Advance & Staff Loans

Your employees on TozzaPlus have the opportunity to be matched with our lending and financing partners to receive salary advances and staff loans. You us a business owner has an opportunity to get a salary loan when you are low on cash flows. This will help your business better engage and retain employees. We reduce the risk and cost burden thus ensuring our users get loan offers at the lowest rate and favourable terms.

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