Security guards perform various tasks other than providing security to commercial or residential property. They maintain order and they are the first contact for visitors in most premises.

Mobile patrolling security guard’s main duty is to keep inspecting and guarding the entire property before moving to the next one. They do not stay at one point that’s why most businesses prefer their services.

Below are some reasons why most businesses are opting for mobile patrolling:

  • They are friendly but professional: Mobile patrolling security guards don’t have time to make new friends when they are carrying out their duties; instead they have a friendly but professional approach towards everyone. They are also cost efficient compared to traditional guards.
  • They provide peace of mind:  These security guards are always trained on how to conduct mobile patrolling, so their presence provides peace of mind to visitors, workers and residents.  They are always alert in case of an emergency.
  • They are one step ahead: Mobile patrolling security guards are more trained; more equipped and look healthy and fit. These qualities ensure they remain alert in case of an attack.
  • They act as visual deterrents:  Most criminals always target places that lack visual security system. These security guards are always moving around, which helps keep away potential criminals.
  • They don’t have idle time:  Mobile patrolling security guards are always on the move, so they do not have any idle time to even sleep when on duty. These guards move around actively and consistently.


Today, most people prefer mobile patrolling security guards since they are trained and have more knowledge about guarding. This is because they don’t have idle time, provide peace of mind, they are friendly and professional. In addition they are always one step ahead and act as visual deterrent on the premises.