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Partners & Investors

Are you an Accountant and looking for something Simpler? Do you have you have a clientele you manage books for? You can Earn while doing what you love- Your Job!

With TozzaPlus, you work on a single platform for all your customers and in turn your customers have access to the same data at all time. Exchange documents, create tasks and discuss the financials with your clients with no need to break your customers bank. Track request made by your customers and respond in time.

Get free training, dedicated support and marketing material to help you win more clients. Once you cross the 10th client mark you will get to use our intuitive TozzaPlus CRM for life *1. Partner program We at TozzaPlus, believe in mutual beneficial long term partnerships. Join us and push your accounting practice to a whole new level.

Startups & Freelancers

Starting a business as a freelancer is not easy. Apart from managing your time efficiently, you need to manage your services, bill your clients and most importantly- manage your leads. TozzaPlus makes it easier for freelancers to grow their business on top of our platform. Our intuitive CRM, Accounting and Invoicing helps you send professional invoices and get paid faster via mobile, online, and through direct bank deposits.
Let us help you grow your business and keep you cool while doing it.

You have been freelancing for a while and now you want to transition to the next level. The start is not easy but you have a great idea you want to develop. Top of your mind is how do you assemble a great team and more importantly how do you turn your idea into a sustainable business! Though equally important, we at TozzaPlus, at the bottom of your to do list is accounting, customer relations and employees management.

We have been here and we well know how the story ends and this is where we come in. We will automate accounting and invoicing, customer relations via our intuitive TozzaPlus CRM and help you manage your employees’ payroll.
Get our out of the box business tools and start focusing on growing your business today.

Banks & Telcos

At the core of TozzaPlus system is our partnerships with banks and Telcos. Banks and Telcos help our clients to make and receive payments directly from their TozzaPlus accounts. The partnership especially with banks helps our clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • Automatically retrieve bank statements in their accounting system
  • Send and receive payment from TozzaPlus to their bank accounts and mobile wallets.
  • Automatic and seamless bank reconciliation
  • Get Credit rating based on their cash flow

Customers to our partner banks and telcos get to use the system for free as a gift from their respective banks and telcos.

Subject to terms & conditions

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