Payroll for Building and Construction Industry in Kenya

Time Tracking done right

Our system’s number one role is to solve your pains when it comes to time tracking. Tozzaplus is designed to solve your manual paper based systems for time tracking of casual employees. We offer you mobile biometric devices that help you remotely track the time attendance of employees on different sites. So how does it work? All your casuals get to clock in and clock out using their finger prints. This process solves your time tracking pain by giving you the correct amount of hours worked by each casual worker on site that day. This process is fast given that no time is wasted in manually counting the casuals on site at the start and at the end of the day; the biometric devices handles this for you. Your foreman now gets to concentrate on more important issues such as on site supervision of your construction project. The best part about our solution is that all our biometric devices are synced to the main system, and this is where you get your important worked hours data from. The system enables you to get daily reports on the exact worked hours by each casual on site that day, week or month

Welcome a new way of doing payroll!
On average a construction site has over 80 employees at any given day. This can make payments be a whole lot of a challenge to you. Our system provides a solution to help you avoid payroll and payment errors. So once the biometric device has captured all worked hours by each casual laborer on site for that week (assuming you pay weekly), the system will automatically calculate all the payments accordingly, by adding up the amount that you pay per hour for all the hours worked per casual on site for that specific period, which is a week in this case. Our system makes this faster and simple for you since all the heavy lifting has been done already. Yours will be to ensure that the KRA, NSSF and NHIF generated reports are right-you will have done a paperless payroll. Tozzaplus makes this faster and simple for you.

We make payday a celebration.
With your tens or hundreds of casuals on site, sending payments to each is a known challenge to you. Our system solves this by offering an integrated Payroll-Payout secure system that makes payments faster. There are many challenges of making cash payments-the biggest revolving around theft when you have a huge workforce to pay. Our system ensures that the net pay of all your employees on your payroll, whether casual or permanent, are delivered into their mobile wallets at the click of a button. The net pay takes into consideration the total hours worked, and any deductions or allowances to the employees.Our Payout feature solely relies on the Payroll feature which in turn relies on the data that the biometric devices records on a daily basis on site. Let’s make your business more efficient and eliminate errors such as time disputes and buddy punching.
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