Payroll automation is not new in the world of business today. Surprisingly, some businesses still use manual processes for salary deductions and calculations of hours worked thinking that they are saving money. Instead they should invest in an automated system.

Employers need to manage employee’s information starting from their personal details to their wages. There is need to use an electronic method to store employee’s information for easier retrieval. It is also important to embrace this form of technology as it is cheap compared to traditional method.

There are several reasons you should automate your payroll processes. They include:

  • Efficiency: A Payroll system can be integrated with other system in a company where information related to employee salaries and performance is retrieved when needed.
  • Safety of employee data: Automated payroll system offers the ability to keep your employees record safe in a cloud-based back up or an off-site back up system.
  • Data security: Employers need to keep their employees personal and financial information safe away from public access. Automated payroll software provides a password to protect this information.
  • Accuracy: Automated payroll software can automatically calculate salaries and deductions, significantly reducing human error such as penalties, over-payments and underpayments.
  • Accessibility: Cloud-based payroll software allows you to access your employee’s time-sheets, generate pay-slips and authorize electronic transfers.
  • Automated data flow: When you have an automated payroll system in place, it becomes easier to recognize which department your employees are working in.
  • Easier to make changes: An automated payroll simplifies the process by allowing changes to be made directly to the system for quick access.


Automated payroll processing allows you to accomplish everything quicker than a manual process. Some of the reasons why you should automate your payroll processes include efficiency. Data security, safety of employee data, accuracy, automated data flow, accessibility and easy to make changes,