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Create and manage unlimited schedules as well as fixed and flexible shifts that let you run your business smoothly

TozzaPlus is a time, attendance, scheduling, and analytics platform for businesses looking to eliminate unnecessary costs in their operations and HR departments. Our consumer-friendly applications include mobile Apps,Web Portal and biometric devices.
TozzaPlus lets employees clock in or out using biometric devices to ensure the correct employee is at the right workplace at the right time. This software effectively eradicates costly ghost employees and buddy punching, cuts down needlessly manual labor-intensive HR duties, and helps put smiles on your employees’ faces every day.
Additionally, TozzaPlus’s cloud-based interface allows your schedules, attendance data, employee database, and more to be synced across all devices, so everyone in your business can always be up-to-date and on the same page. No more losing or forgetting schedules, hectically finding last-minute substitutes, inaccurately clocking in, losing employee data, or spending hours every payroll manually typing in attendance data.

Time and Attendance Features


Biometric Authentication

TozzaPlus supports biometric time and attendance devices. Biometric time data are synced in real time with TozzaPlus Time and Attendance records
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Analytic Reports

Tozzaplus provides a suite of analytics tools that present data in easy-to-interpret graphs and visuals, illustrating employee behaviors, company issues, and recurring trends that affect employee attendance.


Time Disputes Correction

Request for punch corrections can be raised by employees and approved by reporting managers. time dispute prevention & correction helps you save up to 90% of your time as well as lot of your energy.


Color-coded Calendar

Easy to read colour coded calendar helps to visualise time performance for every employee easily. See all the local and national holidays in the calendar. Add custom holidays based on your businesses requirements.


Shifts & Schedules

Manage your business’s schedules in real time and eliminate the hassle and cost of entering schedules manually. Accurately track work breaks, overtime nights shifts that cross over to the next day.



Tozzaplus works well whether you have 1 or 100 sites. Using our geofencing tool, you define where your employees are allowed to clock in and out, and ensure they are actually at whichever workplace they are assigned to.

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