Time Tracking and Bulk payments for Business consulting Firms

Track each employee in and out of the office

Business consulting is a field majored by many. Managing your employees in and out of the office can be challenging to a good extent. Our solution gives you a way to know exactly how many hours each employee has worked for the month. The hours worked are captured by our biometric devices that offers you finger print authentication that enables clock in and clock out for each of your employees. And when some of your employees are not in the office, our mobile biometric devices will be used to enable clock in and clock out, since it comes with geo-tagging features. Finger print authentication definitely will solve buddy punching. Tozzaplus also offers all your employees a portal where they can get their schedules and even file for leave requests from their dashboards. As the business owner, you will in turn get easy-to-interpret reports that show you exactly; each employee’s behavior, any company issue and other trends that affect time and attendance in your company.

Save on overheads by using our payroll solution

So how do you actually get to solve overheads? Our Payroll gives you a way of handling overtime pay better, have accurate time records and be able to process Payroll in time. Your consultancy business will work seamlessly since all your employee data is well classified in the system and all worked hours will be available for you. Tozzaplus will also go a step further and calculate the hourly rate and multiply it with all the worked hours for each employee and give their pay. This will enable you to include the necessary KRA, NSSF and NHIF information to each employee. Hours worked in overtime will also be correctly worked out efficiently since the system is all paperless and this will minimize, if not eradicate, all clerical errors involved during payroll workings.

Handle cash faster and conveniently like never before.
Apart from security being our top priority, business convenience is another key factor that we provide to you and your business. Sending payments can be a challenge if you don’t have the correct information with you, this information includes time records which is already handled for you. Tozzaplus Payroll will also give you the breakdown for all the payments that need to be made by you. Therefore, your part really is small, yours will be to now click the button and send the payments directly to your employees’ Mobile Wallets. With Tozzaplus, you will not stress any more on matters concerning paying your employees since that is catered for. And this is why we talk about making your business convenient.Where have you been all this while? Are you still stuck in using the manual system that involve plenty of paperwork? Ditch those and join us and track time worked accurately, do your Payroll seamlessly and get to generate all KRA, NSSF and NHIF reports as well as pay your employees their net pay much faster!
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