Time Tracking and Bulk payments for NGOs in Kenya

Be ahead of the pack with TozzaPlus Time and Attendance solution
Running an NGO is usually not a walk in the park since you typically rely on donor funds and also majority of your employees are on contract basis. Each contract has a time stamp to it, be it a one week, a one month or one year. For you to monitor and know exactly how many hours have been spent on working, Tozzaplus comes in. Our system comes with biometric devices that each employee working from the office gets to clock in and clock out using their finger prints. Those employees on the field will also have mobile biometric devices where they get to punch in and out and indicate how many hours they have spent on the field. Managing employees in many (typically over 50) locations at a go can be quite a challenge. Tozzaplus Time and attendance lets your employees in all sites to punch in and out using our special biometric time capture devices. Finally you will need a way to have your records straight; Tozzaplus will also provide you with accurate time reports showing hours worked by each employee for a given period. If its 7 hours worked, the system will report exactly 7 hours nothing less nothing more. The system will therefore tell you who attended work
Payroll made faster and simpler
Right from classifying all your employees accordingly, managing overtime records accurately, to ensuring that you are time-compliant, Tozzaplus lays it all out for you in an easy to use system that will guarantee efficiency. Tozzaplus payroll will give your finance team the ability to classify well all your employees depending on their contracts with the NGO. From there, the system will automatically assist you in calculating overtime pay, their normal pay for the worked hours and deduct tax, NSSF and NHIF fees accordingly. You will get data on each employee’s gross and net pay.
Make payments directly to M-pesa.

Our system is integrated right from Time and attendance to Payroll and finally to our Payouts which enables you to pay your employees right from the system by a click of a button. Our Payroll feature and Payouts work hand in hand. Tozzaplus payroll offers you accurately calculated amounts for each employee while Payouts will give you the ability to disburse the payments straight to each employee’s’ mobile wallet. We have provided this for you so that you pay faster and efficiently by using our Payouts which will save you time and energy by a great deal.

Join Tozzaplus and your work will be cut out for you by more than half. The time and energy that would have been spent in recording hours worked manually, calculating accurate pay per employee per their contract and sending your employees their pay will now be directed towards other important areas of your NGO work such as seeking more funding and providing service according to your mandate. Register with us today!

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