Time Tracking and Bulk payments for Security Firms

Tailored time solutions for your business

Managing your security firm’s guards and knowing when they reported and left their places of work can be a daunting task. As the security firm owner, your problem is tracking how many hours your guards are working be it them being on day or night shift. Tozzaplus time and attendance solves this pain by offering biometric devices that come with clock in and clock out fingerprint authentication features. When your security firm secures a contract, for instance, with a home owner, a biometric device will be availed at that specific home location and your guard will use it each day he/she reports on duty and leaves duty. This feature will bring efficiency from the guards’ side since they will have to report on time and leave after their hours or shift is over. As the firm owner, all these worked hours from all locations will be available to you in real time, this will help you in making your decisions especially in payroll and making payments.

Payroll made faster and simpler
Your security company normally has many guards (Probably more than 100) who need their pay fast and on time. With TozzaPlus, you get to pay your guards at any time be it hourly, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Our payroll feature derives its data from our time and attendance feature, which has been explained above. Tozzaplus payroll will get the hourly rate that you pay your guards and it will calculate each guard’s pay right from the Gross pay down to the net pay that will be ready for disbursing. Tozzaplus payroll really eliminates paper work in your firm as a result manual errors are significantly eliminated. You get to pay each guard their net pay from the exact hours that they have served on duty. As the owner all tax, NHIF and NHIF reports will be generated for you; we understand how important this is.
Save time and energy when paying your guards

Our payouts system is encrypted which makes it as secure as the systems that banks use. Your firm will enjoy faster payment processing since they receive their payments straight to their M-pesa as soon as disbursement has been done. Tozzaplus payouts really removes guesswork and time-consuming paying in cash processes from the equation. You get to run your security firm more efficiently and with minimal errors too. The best part again is that all your guards get to be notified with an SMS which informs them that they are receiving a payment.
Run your security firm conveniently and efficiently with Tozzaplus.
Come on board and start your journey in automation with us and make your security firm efficient.

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