Payroll can be confusing and stressful. For that reason, payroll errors can easily come up in the payroll process. Payroll involves employees’   wages, employment laws and government taxes. It is important to keep an accurate payroll in your business; otherwise you might face interest penalties and back payments and accrued interest.

To maintain an accurate payroll system, keep the following tips in mind to avoid penalties or any other issue:

  • Classify workers correctly: There is a need to classify your workers as employees or independent contractors’ .This will help you identify and fulfill the requirements of employees and contractors.
  • Automate your payroll: The use of a manual payroll is prone to mistakes, for example keying in the wrong information, forgetting some numbers and recording a number in the wrong post. Automating payroll reduces chances of minor errors.
  • Track time and attendance: There is need to track how much time your employees work. Online software is good option since employees can log in into their account and log their start and end time. This will enable you run an accurate payroll.
  • Keep up with payroll updates: The payroll system is ever changing, and it is important  dedicate some time to keep up with the changes. You can get information from online multiple choices, subscribe newsletters from government sources and niche blogs. This will help save time and money.
  • Conduct payroll audit regularly: You might conduct audit either on a quarterly or annual basis. This will ensure that employees’ wages are calculated correctly and all deductions are made at the right time.


Payroll system can be different depending on an organization. There is need for a business to take into account their unique goals, and set up a system that works out for them. This will enable the employer to track time and attendance, keep up with payroll updates and be able to classify workers correctly. Learn more on payroll software from Tozza Plus system.