Security has become an essential aspect for individuals and firms and is being viewed with great interest across the world. This is to ensure that people and companies feel secure both in their homes and working environment.

The quality of service that security guards offer is usually determined by how safe and comfortable they are in their working place. If they are safe and healthy, they are more likely to exceed expectation in their work delivery.

Below are some tips for successful and safe security patrol:

  • Stay mindful of your job sites and its risk:  It’s important for the guards to know the risks and dangers that surround them. There is also a need to know what to do when a guard accidentally comes into contact with harmful substance.
  • Always carry your defensive gear:  Security guards should always have a defensive gear on. This includes a firearm or essential tools such as radio, flashlight, and equipment to screen people before they enter into any premise.
  • Maintaining a safe distance when talking to suspects: It is important to remain out of arms reach when speaking to a suspect or members of the public. These will allow you to react fast in case of an attack.
  • Keep your patrol intervals random: Security guard should be cautious when conducting their patrols. It should be random to avoid being attacked.
  • Be alert around corners: Avoid walking quickly around corners to ensure criminals don’t take the opportunity to hide and conduct a surprise attack on you.
  • Know emergency processes: For successful and safe patrol, security guard should know how to deal with emergency cases such as fire or fatal injury, so that they can improve response time and save time.
  • Be cautious and always listen:  To avoid confusion while on duty, security guards need to be cautious. Look around and listen to the surroundings. This will help the guard to recognize people who may sneak into premises without notice.


 Successful and safe patrol is necessary for our environment today. There are different ways to ensure that your guards are safe when they are on their duty. They include being aware of emergency procedures, random patrol interval, carry their defensive gears and maintain a safe distance when talking to suspect or the public.