Today almost every company has got security guards to provide security services for different companies. Most of them have a common uniform and represent the image of a company to the rest of the world. They represent a symbol of security function for a company.

In most part of the world, security guards are not fully recognized as they should but they are critical as they provide security services to most homes and businesses.

Here are a few things that can be implemented to improve security guards service:

  • Review the supervision system: Ensure that you have got a contractor who has acceptable systems that have necessary features and components. As a security firm, you should ensure that you have got systems for supervision, for random check by supervisors and guard check in and out through biometric devices.
  • Asses training provided to the guards: Ensure that the training provided to your guards is professional; make sure it takes place at your premises. The best way is to sit through an orientation to observe how guards are being trained and prepared.
  • Verify your guard’s qualification: As the employer make sure your guards have got the necessary requirements before you sign them in, and also conduct an interview so as to know what to expect from the guards. Ensure you store their personal details on line for easy retrieval.
  • Perform impromptu inspection: This is done to ensure that work is being done accordingly and to avoid existence of Ghost workers especially when it comes to payments. This practice also helps the employer to know whether a guard is at his specific location at the right time.
  • Improve payments: Security guards are motivated when you pay their salaries on time. A security firm with a large number of guards should adopt a convenient payroll software which will assist them prepare payroll and make payments.


Security guards are important part of the society today hence they should be accorded enough respect and treated the right way. Some of the methods to improve on their services are making payments ready to them on time, offering the right training, verifying their qualifications and reviewing their supervision systems.

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