Customer retention is the company’s ability to retain its existing customers and be loyal to them. Getting new customer can be costly, so companies need to hold on to the existing ones. Though it may involve hard work, it comes with a major payoff.

Every business should ensure that they maintain a good customer database in order to build a long-term customer partnership. To be precise, CRM helps you to identify your customer and make it easier to do follow up with them.

Here   are some CRM techniques that you can use to increase your customer retention:

  • Consolidate all your customer data in one place: This is where company’s customer’s details are stored in one place including their address, names and contact for easy retrieval of information when a need arises.
  • Personalize customer Communication: As a sales person, your duty is to note down any information concerning your client so that it will be easy for you to reconnect when they call back.
  • Monitor customer interaction: Ensure that you have a CRM notification or alert system to inform you when a customer visits your website. This way, your sales representative person can reconnect with customers, making buying experience more targeted, streamlined and timely.
  • Re-engage your inactive customers: Customers who have shown no interest in the product and services you are offering in the market are still more likely to make a purchase than new prospect. Keep in touch with them and always send frequent emails whenever you have something new in your company.
  • Improve target market: Have a clear picture of the target customers you want to sell your product to, so that you are able to strategize on which techniques to convince them to buy your product.


CRM is important to every business today especially in customer retention. It plays the role of customer retention by personalizing customer’s communication, monitor customer interaction, consolidating customer’s data in one place, re-engaging your inactive customers and improving target market.