Cloud- based means the ability to store data and programs on a remote system that can be accessed by any computer with an internet connection. Most of the companies today are adjusting processes in their HR departments to include a cloud- based payroll system.

Payroll processing companies have recognized the need to take advantage of technology and are offering cloud-based solutions to different businesses for more suitable, secure and efficient payroll management services.

A cloud-based payroll system offers numerous benefits that far offset any outdated system. Some of the benefits of cloud-based payroll software include:

  • Improves speed and accuracy: Cloud-based payroll systems are designed to ease payroll work. They eliminate manual calculations, redundancies, errors thus making payroll processing easy and the result are accurate.
  • It offers mobile accessibility: One of the main advantages of a payroll system hosted on the cloud is that the managers and the HR staff can conduct payroll approval and processing with ease from any electronic device, anywhere.
  • It  offers self- service portals: This portal allows employees to access the HR and payroll information anywhere. Through the mobile devices, they can check their pay history and bonuses.
  • Automatic updates with no back up needed: Any payroll system that utilizes cloud is automatically updates in real time. This means that your payroll processes are kept consistently up-to date with the latest software and hardware elements.
  • Easy integration with other systems: This type of payroll software can integrate with other software which saves time and prevents duplication of work.
  • Data is secure: Prevents data loss without any complex server backup. It also makes storage and access of data easy.
  • Ensures flexibility: Cloud-based payroll system ensures scalability as the company grows. It gives business a competitive advantage with a high level of agility.
  • Staff classification: When you have got a cloud-based payroll system in place, it becomes easier to classify your employees correctly, and payments are done to the right people.


In a nutshell, we can say that having a cloud-based payroll system is necessary for every business today. Some of the benefits associated with  this system  include improved speed and accuracy, mobile accessibility, a self-service portal,   automatic updates, easy integration with other systems, data security, ensures flexibility and easy staff classification.