Today, security is a major topic across the world and there is need to train guards to ensure they perform their duties as per standard laid down.

Supervision of these security guards is another critical thing, yet difficult task security companies have to deal with. The job is done by supervisors who oversee the completion of work by security guards and ensure that the right rules are adhered to in the course of duty.

Below are some benefits of supervision in security guarding:

  • Improves communication: This happens when a supervisor is communicating with the guard which is termed as vertical and horizontal when it’s directed to the agencies. There is need for proper communication to ensure everyone has the right information.
  • On the job training: Supervisors play a huge role in ensuring that the security guards are equipped with the right skills which allow them to carry out their duties effectively.
  • Emergency and accident management: This is one of the primary responsibilities of a supervisor where they are trained on how to handle each situation through deploying all the necessary resources, calling up assistance where necessary and maintaining order.
  • Performance assessment: Supervision ensures that each guard’s performance is assessed and correctly recorded accorded according to the company’s policy. It’s a tool for effective communication as well as efficiency improvement.
  • Imparting values: Supervision ensures that supervisors   oversee work of security guards and ensuring that integrity is upheld. It also guarantees that guards acquire the right values and approach towards their duties.


In conclusion, supervision should be embraced by all the security firms, this is because it helps improves communication, solving of emergency incidences, imparts good value and assist in performance assessment. This will make it easier for managers to monitor performance of supervisors and ensure that they meet the company’s standard and requirements.