Training and development are important components of running a successful business. They are important to both employers and employees as they provide a prime opportunity to expand knowledge base of both parties. A development   program elevates employees to a higher level so that they all have similar knowledge and skills.

Many organizations find it hard to offer training to their employees since it’s expensive, especially for the small and medium sized companies since they do not have enough   resources. Training and development program may also be   focused on team performance or individual performance.

Here are some key benefits of training your team and including a development program at work:

  • Increased productivity: Employee training improves the employee’s efficiency and productivity. Employees who are well trained show quality performance without wasting time and resources.
  • Pool of talent: Creating a talented pool of employees help to bridge gaps when one of them leaves the company unexpectedly. Training helps employees get additional skills and boost their overall spirit.
  • Job satisfaction: It helps  employees feel part of the company especially the role the play. They are motivated to offer the best services to the company as a way of giving back for being treated well.
  • Team spirit: Training and development helps install the spirit of team work thus enabling inter-team collaboration .There is a favorable environment for everyone to perform their work as expected.
  • Consistency: It ensures employees have a consistent experience and knowledge background. Training will enable employees to be aware of the expectations and procedures of the company.
  • Reduced employee turnover: Employees feel valued if they are invested in and therefore less likely to change employers. This is also a benefit to the company since recruitment cost goes down due to staff retention.
  • Enhance company profile and reputation: Training and development which is done with the best strategy helps develop a company’s brand and make it a prime consideration.


Training and development have been embraced by most of the businesses today .It has got some advantages to a company which include, job satisfaction, consistency in output, team spirit, increased productivity and reduced employee turnover.